Tuesday, May 31, 2011

play by play

So, apparently it's possible for my blogging to go downhill even more? I'm currently finishing up my Moksha requirements for grad - to be officially certified. The final project was a 30-day savasana challenge, previously mentioned i'm sure. I'll include the journal entry from my first day - a play by play, broken down by the minute (although I'm a cheater, this was seated meditation), some light reading for you. Reminds me of that scene in Eat, Pray, Love.

1: This is so comfortable.
2: Hmm, I need to stop writing the journal entry out in my head.
3: Just focus on your breath.
4: Next time, shut the cat outside of the room.
5: I wonder if this itch will go away if I keep focusing on my breath.
6: Oops, I should have told my boyfriend not to text me for 20 minutes.
7: What the heck is my cat doing behind me?
8: Oh hey, I guess that itch did go away.
9: Breath. Feel it through the body.
10: Another text? Keep eyes closed!
11: I should have peed before sitting.
12: Ok, seriously stop writing the journal in your mind.
13: This isn’t so hard.
14: I must be getting close to 20 minutes.
15: My back is getting sore.
16: Oh wow, it’s because I’m slouching so much!
17: My back feels so much better sitting tall again!
18: Ok, don’t peek. 10 more breaths.
19: Ok, this timer must be broken. I’ll peek… damn, 5 more breaths and I would have made it!
20: Next time I won’t peek at the clock! 

All times approximate of course (except the last minute!) :)

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