Friday, July 23, 2010

Moksha vids August 2010

Another great greens tips video- featuring, your kitchen!!

On the note of green tips, I would like to direct you to some amazing posts by some amazing bloggy friends:
EcoYogini on How to choose the right "green" product and
FiveSeed on The Story of Cosmetics! They are a huge inspiration in my green journey :)

And posture tip, cobra! Ah, another backbend. My nemesis!!

Enjoy :)
Don't forgot to enter the Ultima Giveaway!!

Namaste, Callah

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ultima giveaway!

So, to keep you distracted from my lack of blogging during my training, I have a giveaway for you (although it looks like Rachel @ Suburban Yogini beat me to the punch! think of this as a second chance :)

Ultima Replenisher is providing some sample packs for a few lucky readers!
What is it? Well, I only just recently found out when I was contacted about trying a few samples. It's an electrolyte replacement drink mix- which I already use on an almost daily basis between the hot yoga and running, with all my sweating and all. (They are also a great vitamin supplement, especially when you've got a cold or are sick). Think Gatorade without all the yucky stuff.

I was kind of wary- I've never gotten anything through blogging before! I let them know if I wasn't a fan, I would be honest with them about it. If I liked it though- lucky you, they'd host a giveaway for my readers. It did sound great though- it's vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and no artificial ingredients. So, I decided to give it a try.

Honestly, it's great! Before the samples even arrived, I actually was able to try two different flavours at my training- a few girls already use it, and Ted (the founder) had gotten his hands on some samples as well and shared them with us! My favourite flavour is grape (so far). It's naturally sweetened (with Stevia) so it's sugar free, and a bit on the sweeter side. I'm hoping to convince my dad he doesn't need his G2 (and all the plastic bottles that go with it) and to switch to this instead. It comes in both individual packets, or 30 & 90 serving canisters which are perfect for reducing waste. In Canada, you can find it at the Running Room & Whole Foods.

So, if you're keen to win a sample pack (including Grape, Orange, Wild Raspberry & Lemonade) just leave a comment on which flavour you think you'll like most! For an extra entry, link to this post in a blog entry, and leave another comment with that link.

EDIT: Contest extending until August 5th. Thanks for your patience to those that have already entered!

Namaste, Callah

Sunday, July 18, 2010

week 3 update!

 So, I have made it past the halfway point! And I'm alive. Still loving every minute despite the seemingly never-ending exhaustion. I did stay at home last night, and I slept a solid 8 hours for the first time I can remember in a really long time!! It was glorious, too bad I woke up at 7:30am on my day off!

So, what's new. I've done a lot more practice teaching. We also have started splitting "real" classes- teaching half our group (so, 30 in each class) and splitting the session among 5-6 of us, doing a block of poses. I had my first "real" class teaching experience (and in the hot studio no less!) yesterday afternoon. I had just had some body work done on my bad knee/ quad before class, so I took Savasana nearly the whole time. Good thing, because my heart was already pounding out of my chest when it was my turn! Luckily it went smoothly (and no one seemed to notice too much that I forgot a pose- eep!) and I got some great feedback from a really experienced teacher.

We've just finished our anatomy sessions- we've learned sooo much. I will never be dehydrated again- I will post a load of information on how vitally important it is in the near future!! We also learned muscle (connective tissue) releases which is pretty cool. I have to say when I had my quad released by our Osteopath teacher of the anatomy, it was amazing. They say that fascia holds emotions (which is why some people get emotional in camel, etc) and when it releases they all come out. I can definitely vouch for that, since I both laughed and cried when the quad was released. (I injured my knee 3 years ago and it never healed. Interestingly, I feel more pain in yoga than running since it's specifically a 90 degree angle that causes pain).

Well, that's all! Keep your eyes open for a giveaway in the next few days :)
Namaste, Callah

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

week one update

Just a quick check in, since once again I should be in bed... but who knew there were kinds of rice that take an HOUR to prepare?! Probably lots of people, I was obviously not one of them!!

Anyways, in point form!
- we had our first practice teaching session yesterday- half an hour, GO! Luckily one-on-one which was simultaneously less and more intimidating. (Especially since you have to work with someone you haven't chatted with before!)
- this morning's class was hot death. Did I say that about Monday's class? This one takes the cake! At times like that I wonder if i can persevere... but then those scary thoughts go away.
- We are having a "30-day no negative self-thoughts challenge". And if you do think something negative about yourself, finish with "...and I love you!" I encourage you all to join in :)
- I'm finding Buddhism REALLY interesting, and it really resonates with me
- I'm likely a Kapha with Pitta- and I go to bed way too late
- teacher training is way better than college!
- it's not so much the actual substances of coffee and alcohol i miss, but the rituals that go with them!
- i create a lot less garbage than I thought, although eating way less pre-prepared and packaged, processed foods is definitely contributing to the reduction!
- there are lots of ants in old Toronto houses, YUCK! (**thinking ahimsic thoughts!**)

Namaste, Callah

Monday, July 5, 2010

my first training update :)

Well folks, it is "dangerously hot in Ontario", just starting a heat wave of 3 days of temps above 32C (more like 42-44 with the humidity here in Toronto!) and here I am taking two hot classes a day. And wow, are they HOT!!

But on another, more cheerful note, I am loving every minute. (Of the training, not the heat!)
(heads up, this post will be brief and photoless- the internet connection right now is less than ideal!)
The days are definitely intense. I wake up at 5:30, leave for the subway by 6 (having laid out everything the night before including meals), and get to the studio around 6:30. This is our average day, lasting from 6:45 am until 7:15pm:
15 minute meditation
90 minute asana
1 hour break
1 hour (or so) lecture
1 hour break
1 hour lecture
60 minute asana
3 hour lecture

I know it is only day four but I cannot believe how interesting I am finding everything! Nothing at all like college, where you had to struggle through the boring material. Right now our teachers have included Ted & Jess (the founders), Frank Jude Boccio (yes, the author of Mindfulness Yoga!) and Dina T. (don't even ask me to spell her last name!). I won't get into to many specifics, if you are interested you can check out the teacher training info here! All of our teachers have been amazing and so engaging. We also have more amazing names to come. It almost seems surreal, being able to spend the whole month focusing on YOGA! I am so grateful to be able to be here.

Practicing twice a day is definitely challenging, especially factoring in this brutal heat we are having. This morning's class was hot death! I am definitely getting deeper into savasana, and meditation in general, and I'm really enjoying that.

Well, that's all for now! Ideally I'd be heading to bed now (9pm) but I have to brush up on the series before our first day of practice teaching tomorrow! Should be exciting... and nerve wracking!

I hope everyone had fantastic holiday weekends and isn't suffering too much in this heat! (Or better yet, don't HAVE this heat where you are!). Your blog posts are on of my few online guilty pleasure during this month so keep them coming :)

Namaste, Callah