Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There is something about the final stretch of the year that is so exciting... especially in bloglandia.

I was super-excited to get an email yesterday from Emily - I've been selected as a top yoga blogger along with many of my fave yoga reads! Wow!

Next up, I read about the #reverb10 project on it's all yoga, baby.
What is it?

Reverb 10 is an annual event and online initiative to reflect on your year and manifest what’s next. The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on what's happened, and to send out reverberations for the year ahead. With Reverb 10, we'll do both.

This December we invite you to share your story and join us in reflection.
How to participate
Prompt Starting December 1, check in for daily creative prompts (some of which will be from published authors). You can also subscribe for complimentary inbox delivery, and watch for updates on Twitter.
Create Respond to the prompt. In a post on your blog, through a tweet, with photography, or however else you desire.
Share Participate and share your reverberations using the #reverb10 hashtag (on Twitter, Delicious or Flickr). Learn from the reverberations of fellow participants.

Sign up & follow on twitter!

Who's going to reflect and manifest with me?

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Monday, November 29, 2010

I've got Wanderlust

I was so excited to see this post on Daily Cup of Yoga - all about Wanderlust 2011. Check out the highlights from the 2010 event.

The best part? There is going to be an event in Vermont as well... definitely driveable! I feel a road trip coming on... and the weekend is already booked off. So excited to take part in this... now I just have to wait for tickets to go on sale :)

See you there!

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

plastic state of mind

I can't remember where I stumbled upon this video yesterday - possibly my facebook feed? Anyways, it's great - particularly at the holidays. I'm notorious for forgetting my reusable bags, so I walk out of stores with my hands overflowing because I am a little nutty about refusing plastic. (Definitely need more chicobags, I think!)

Yesterday we celebrated American thanksgiving - I was on "veggie tray" duty. I opted to skip the prepackaged tray and put some effort into it- using organic veggies was not only cheaper, it yielded way more (there was a second platter full!), was healthier, and not to mention prettier!

How do you cut back on plastic?

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

mala bracelet giveaway!

In light of all my meditation talk lately, I've decided to fashion a mala bracelet for one of my readers.

I also decided to join Twitter (gasp!)

So, to enter, (you can choose one or all ways to enter!)
1)just comment on this post if you would prefer the turquoise drop pendant or the Om charm (since I'm going to re-string it... I forgot a spacer and I'm a tiny bit of a perfectionist!)
2) follow me on twitter (@heartcallah) and leave another comment on the post with your twitter username! also comment if you're already following :)
3) And finally, if you re-blog, tweet or facebook this giveaway leave another comment. You can do all three, each one counts! Make sure each entry is a separate comment.

Winner will be determined by a random number generator on Dec 1!

The bracelet is made of rudraksha and magnesite (imitation) turquoise beads, with either a turquoise or rhodium plated om pendant.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

getting your meditation started

I know lulu can be controversial in the yoga world, but I love reading their blog posts- there are a lot of hidden gems to be found there. One of the bloggers recently posted about finding your inner space - including a lot of great tips on starting up a personal meditation practice. It seems perfect timing, given my recent goal to start a regular meditation. (This compounded by the fact that one of my projects for teacher training involves a 30-day "savasana challenge"). Here are the tips on how to get started on your own meditation practice.

  • Commit yourself to 5 minutes a day for a week, adding on 5 minutes per week until you reach 20.
  • Be patient with yourself. No one is able to run a marathon without training, and your brain is the most difficult part of your body to train.
  • Start by sitting up straight.
  • Some people like to have an icon to focus upon, with eyes closed or slightly open. Choose what works for you.
  • Find a comfortable seat.
  • While practicing, own it and commit to it.
  • Fight the urge to get off your cushion or mat to check your phone or jot down ideas.
I'll add that I found journaling a great way for me to commit. It seemed more concrete when I jotted down a few struggles or successes at the end of each session. I also made myself a rose quartz rudraksha mala - it's so beautiful that I want to wear it, which in turn makes me want to meditate. I'm debating making a few to sell on etsy - what do you think?

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Sunday, November 21, 2010


A few weeks ago, our running group was lucky to have Sylvia Ruegger in to speak to us. Sylvia competed in the very first women's marathon at the L.A. Olympics in '84, and still holds the Canadian female record for a marathon at 2:28:36. (I can't even imagine!)

Her dream started out with a goal wirtten and hidden under her floorboards (seen in the picture below). Thanks to my slacking blogger ways, I can't remember a lot of the specifics, but Sylvia was such an inspiration to hear speak - it went so much further than running! It really hit home as I was just a few days past completing my half marathon, which was one of my own goals that seemed really far-fetched at some points.

I woke up to the first snowfall of the year here in my town. It feels like the start of something new and exciting - the perfect time to set new goals. Why wait for the new year? Sylvia had a lot of great quotes - the one she wrote to me was, "How few of us are as brave as our dreams - you are, go after them!"

What are your biggest goals?


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Thursday, November 11, 2010

remembering through meditation

Remember how I talked about giving the meditation challenge a second chance?
Well, I did and never updated you! Life has been busy.
I actually did quite well the second week... I think I managed to sit 6/7 days. I even upped it to 10 minutes one day, just to try it out. I found that, at night, the only real difference between 5 and 10 minutes is that I can actually start to nod off... sitting up! Yes, it's true. So, I'll say that the challenge was relatively successful. It helped to spend a few minutes journaling post-sit, just to take stock of any particular struggles or revelations I came across.

After the week however, I completely let it slide! I decided today was the perfect day to start again... and perhaps make it a daily, ongoing goal. I'm not going to beat myself up if I forget, but I don't think busyness can count as an excuse... 5 minutes really isn't all that hard to squeeze in.

So, at 11:06 this morning I began by 5 minute meditation... ending at 11:11. Today, rather than clearing my mind I focused on remembering. Remembering what the world has faced in the past, and sending gratitude to all those who have sacrificed for us to be here today. While I'm not getting into any kind of politics, regardless of my beliefs I am truly grateful for my freedom. And that is the perfect reason to spend 5 minutes in silence, enduring a touch of chilliness, taking note of how uncomfortable my block felt to sit on today... and realizing how tiny those annoyances really are.


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Friday, November 5, 2010

moksha November vids

Here are the moksha videos for this month! I particularly love the green tips topic- travel. I've been making a more concentrated effort not to stuff my suitcase full just because I can!

How do you green your travel?

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Monday, November 1, 2010

threads for thought

So, I have drastically reduced the amount of clothing I've purchased since my yoga training, but a line of clothing at the new studio I'm teaching at in hamilton caught my eye yesterday... threads for thought.
Style is an attitude; it is more than what we wear.
At Threads for Thought we use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and polyester recycled from plastic water bottles to create clothing that is comfortable, beautiful, and socially conscious; then we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity. What we wear is as important as what our clothes are made of, and where and how they are put together.

So, with that in mind, I was excited to make this purchase! With a lot of my clothes becoming baggier, I am excited to have a reason to purchase a few more things from them in the future.

my new purchase!

I love the fact that the clothing is stylish enough while still being eco-friendly. Sweet!

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