Friday, January 21, 2011

smiling yogis

So, I've been so crazy busy these past few weeks, between my maid of honour duties (for my sister) and actually having somewhat of a social life, I have been internetting a lot less frequently. And I'm kind of loving it!

I took a class last week where the instructor (whom I know) kept making me smile. When I looked too serious, she would creep up behind me and make eye contact in the mirror- and I'd laugh. And I loved it!

So, yesterday I introduced the intention of having fun with the practice. A lot of students still retained the serious yoga face (and I'm totally guilty of that one, just check out the pictures on my banner!). When we got to the balancing series though, I noticed this one woman just beaming. After class, I commented on how much I loved her amazing smile in class. She said, "There is one woman who always practices with the most radiant smile. I made sure I always set up my mat right behind her. Then, one day, I realized I could just start smiling myself! Besides, it's the only way I can keep from getting mad at myself when I lose my balance in the 6am class".

(old, smiley dancer's pose)

I thought that was such an amazing story, and it truly made my morning! I'm going to commit to finding the joy - and the smiles! - in my yoga practice.

Are you a happy or a serious yogi/ni when you practice?

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7 comments: said...

I love it when my yoga teachers smile or say something crazy to make us laugh during class. Yoga can sometimes be a little, um, not fun, if we take it too seriously or try to be too perfect. Great idea to commit to finding the joy in it!

Emma said...

I can be the serious yogini when I'm fully immersed in my practice, but then I can feel a smile naturally coming sometimes, so I let it out.
It really depends on the poses and how I feel right at this moment, no surefire trigger I can think of at the moment :)

Woman Laughing said...

Hi, Callah, sounds like you're doing wonderfully! I can't believe you're teaching already ... how lovely!

Just wanted to stop by and see how you're doing. Come check out my new blog if you have a chance.



Vern said...

I like that! Yoga practice doesn't have to be so serious-- it should be joyful! So, smile when it feels right!

VICKYFF said...

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Wins said...

I think that yoga practice should not be serious, it should be joyful. During yoga classes we had suggested that yoga provides bliss. So there should not be seriousness when practicing yoga.

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Tania said...

This is amazing! I totally have a radiant smile, or so I have been told! I should use it more often in my yoga practice!