Friday, February 11, 2011

snowstorm - in photos

I feel like the 2011 mantra for many yoga bloggers is "blog less". I know I've been living up to that one for sure!

Anyways, I thought I would share some snaps I took last week. We had a predicted "snowmaggedon" (seriously, that's what the media was calling it) and the expected 30mm was only 15mm of snow. Enough for a snow day for all! I ended up teaching a triple for another teacher in the evening (after a double practice in the a.m.) so this photo walk ended up being a nice break in a day literally full of yoga.






This guy actually made the front page news in my town... it's just down the street from my house. He is slowly slumping forward... and about 10 feet tall!


I tied the snow into my classes that evening... suggesting of taking the cue for intentions from the roads outside and slowing down the movements for practice.

Does the weather affect your state of mind during a practice?

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A Green Spell said...

I'm blogging less, too! Just need some more time away from the computer.

Love your pictures. And wow, that's a lot of yoga in one day!

Eco Yogini said...

hehe- the snowman is HILARIOUS. I also really like the berry pictures. :)
Yes- the weather totally affects my practice, but i think more because I feel more tired and sluggish when it's winter.

Bluebird Yogini said...

Also blogging less, and actually not feeling guilty about it! Quality over quantity. I love the snow pics.
To answer your question, yes I do feel affected in the winter. My practice becomes slower, more inwardly focused. At the same time, I feel more tightening of muscles, especially in the upper back, so I want to loosen up.

♥ Callah said...

I find it a lot harder to get motivated, although having a heated practice is a little bit more enticing.

@Yancy, yes, i was SO sore and yoga-ed out the next day!
@Eco - the berry pic is my fave too :)
@Bluebird.. i definitely feel more tension in the winter time. Going out in the cold tightens up my back SO much!

VICKYFF said...

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