Friday, April 1, 2011

enlighten up

My life has been a hectic blur lately, as I have lamented pretty well every time I manage to churn out a post. I have only recently started re-visiting all the amazing blogs over on my sidebar, and the April challenge at Mindfulness Yoga really spoke to me today - to enlighten up!

What a perfect way to stay centered amongst all the craziness that comes from working full time, teaching part time, being a bridesmaid and a maid of honour in two weddings only 3 weeks apart (and two vacations.... but I can hardly count that as a bad thing!). In short, the challenge consists of:

"sitting up at the side of the bed when we awake in the morning and placing our hands in anjali, (palms pressed together at the heart) and smiling while taking three breaths.  Then, throughout the day -- whenver we find ourselves lost in that serious drama in our heads -- we can pause, practice smiling anjali, and take three breaths. If we are in mixed company, we can skip the anjali, but please, don't skip the smile and three breaths!   :-)"
This is the kind of advice I need to take on such occasions as my sisters bridal shower, when one of the bridesmaids locked us out of the hall in the middle of setting up, and all the guests started arriving early. Those 3 breaths would have gone a long way for me. I'm going to make an effort with this one - are you?

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