Sunday, July 3, 2011

yin, here i come!

the first yin class i took was actually during my moksha training... which exactly one year ago, i was just in the beginning stages of! i can't believe a year has already passed by, seeing lots of changes in my life. I "celebrated" today by teaching FIVE classes! Yes, i felt a little crazy. I'm not quite sure how full-time teachers do it on a regular basis, although I'm your body does get used to it. Tons of water, electrolytes and coconut water later i am ready for an early bed time! of course, it is the middle of summer, HOT, and i am a little over the heat in this moment!

so what is a more perfect thing to do than expand... i am all signed up for a yin yoga teacher training weekend intensive in October. Yin classes always feel so delicious to me... they have the same effect as a restorative class, leaving me refreshed. I wasn't quite sure where I would take my training but some web searching led me to the Rama Lotus studio in Ottawa. After a few days of deliberating, consulting with my family in Ottawa and ensuring I could take a day off work... I am officially registered :)

image Rama Lotus  

I can't wait to expand my teaching knowledge, and hopefully delve into teaching outside of the hot room. What styles of yoga do you love? What kind of class do you consider a "treat"?

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