Wednesday, July 13, 2011

warrior dash... in photos

I recently ran the "Warrior Dash", a run that is basically an obstacle course, in which you end up completely covered in mud. Climbing up wooden barricades, up & over cargo nets, jumping over fire...

Of course I couldn't resist breaking out into a few yoga poses for some snaps, as I usually do when near a camera. (Anyone else like that?) Luckily, one of my running buddies, Ryan, is great at multitasking running and taking pics (and wearing a sweet helmet cam to boot!) so i have lots and lots to share, courtesy of his great photog skills!

my self-selected team nickname

first pose of the day!

(clean!) group shot, pre-race!

 i'm in the middle, jumping over fire... i was so scared of this and the flames were maybe 1-2 feet high, ha!

success! so close!

the shirt is not allowed to stay white...

made it! my comrades and i post run (aka, the guys who stuck with the slow girls!)

warrior, in more ways than one!

fireman hose down. actually painful!

cleaned up, viking dancer (on a downhill!) :)

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Kristen Huth said...

Wow. How fun. My sister did this to, but I did not know you had to jump over fire! Crazy! Congrats for finishing, and I love how you incorporated your yoga poses ;-)

Reginald Daugherty said...

Combining yoga with some sporting activities seems very interesting! Is that a regularly held event? It's like a triathlon with a twist of yoga exercise.

Reginald Daugherty

♥ Callah said...

the event is annual, but the yoga addition was my own! a great way to warm up pre-race and stretch out post-race!

Ehsan Ali said...

I really agree with u Jake this really fantastic