Monday, October 10, 2011

Forrest Abs

At my yin training this weekend, one of my teachers, Louise, got us working our core on the final day with some Forrest yoga style abs (she's the only teacher in Ottawa trained in Forrest yoga, and I am still looking for one in Toronto to try out this style of yoga! Have you tried it? Thoughts?). We did this move plus another one which I am still looking for a video for. (*edit: i found a whole Ana Forrest ab workout!) I can actually feel my core today- success, which is rare! Try it out.

* I think the beginning is cut off, the instruction should be to let your hands act as a hammock for your head and ensure the head isn't being pulled up on.
** We alternated elbows to knees as well to make it really slow bicycles with the resetting in the centre to re-lift the tailbone.

Enjoy the burn!

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