Saturday, September 3, 2011

freshly made mala

Occasionally i find myself in the perfect mood for mala-making. Calm, creative, with rare free time on my hands (which also translates to a blog post, yay!)!

Today I made a rose quartz and amethyst mala. I love rose quartz- it's called the "love stone", and is supposed to aid with finding love- romantic, platonic, self-love... you name it. (So, fitting that I love it?) To work with romantic love, it is best given or received as a gift. I can say that it truly worked for me -  I talked my mom into buying me a gorgeous huge stone that i made my very first mala with, and lo and behold, I am happily in a relationship now after 5 years of singledom! Maybe it was timing, maybe it wasn't - either way, it's gorgeous! So, i thought i would share my freshly made mala with you, in case you are looking for love (and a gift ;) ) or looking to share some. Check out the etsy link, and use the code YOGALIFE for 10% off in my shop!

I also got a lovely email from a musician named Neil Middleton, sharing his new CD, Sunrise Music, with me. I don't usually receive a lot of relevant emails but I am always on the lookout for new yoga music so I thought I would build up some good karma for myself and share it with you/ It's a great soundtrack for your practice, and I've added it to my playlist for mala making! Check out a sample track here.

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