Tuesday, October 19, 2010

meditation challenge

So, I had set last Tuesday as the beginning of my one-week meditation challenge. I want to call it a "failure", although I think that is a very un-yogic term! Let's just say I need a bit more work on my dedication. I sat 3 of the 7 days. 

Isn't it funny how a 30-day yoga challenge can seem so easy compared to 7 days of just 5 minutes meditation? I seem to have a horrible memory. Thoughts will flutter into my brain - "do this! Tell so-and-so that!"- and if I'm not able to act upon them right away, they just float away. Too bad I can't do that with all the unproductive thoughts- how much simpler life would be!

Meditating amongst the trash- if you can't see it, does it mean its not there?

As for the meditation itself, no problem! Of course I have "monkey mind", but sitting for 5 minutes is not such the challenge I made it up to be in my mind. I guess it is just like a long savasana, except seated.

So, I'm renewing the challenge. And hoping that I can act upon the thought to go do it instead of letting it float away!

This week is a busy one for me- the half marathon is approaching quickly! Only 5 days away. Of course, one of my school assignments is due the same day, and my schedule is so constantly packed that I never get a chance to work ahead for assignments. (This is why I need meditation!)

When you do meditate, do you prefer seated or in savasana? I'm still deciding!

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A Green Spell said...

Meditation is my biggest challenge. Ask me to sit in sleeping pigeon (a hard pose for my tight hips and injured knee) for an hour and I'll do it happily. But ask me to meditate for five minutes? I'm like a kid running from her chores! LOL.

juliana said...

Meditation can be challenging if you allow it to be :) ... it's as simple as that. I know what you mean though ... I've been there. It really is about letting go, about being in the moment, about easing into the self ... and the more you do it or *try* to do it, the easier it should become.

I prefer to sit myself ... keeps me awake :).

much love!

♥ Callah said...

i find i can still get sleepy sitting... and then i'm swaying back and forth! perhaps savasana is safer for me lol!