Tuesday, October 19, 2010

meditation challenge

So, I had set last Tuesday as the beginning of my one-week meditation challenge. I want to call it a "failure", although I think that is a very un-yogic term! Let's just say I need a bit more work on my dedication. I sat 3 of the 7 days. 

Isn't it funny how a 30-day yoga challenge can seem so easy compared to 7 days of just 5 minutes meditation? I seem to have a horrible memory. Thoughts will flutter into my brain - "do this! Tell so-and-so that!"- and if I'm not able to act upon them right away, they just float away. Too bad I can't do that with all the unproductive thoughts- how much simpler life would be!

Meditating amongst the trash- if you can't see it, does it mean its not there?

As for the meditation itself, no problem! Of course I have "monkey mind", but sitting for 5 minutes is not such the challenge I made it up to be in my mind. I guess it is just like a long savasana, except seated.

So, I'm renewing the challenge. And hoping that I can act upon the thought to go do it instead of letting it float away!

This week is a busy one for me- the half marathon is approaching quickly! Only 5 days away. Of course, one of my school assignments is due the same day, and my schedule is so constantly packed that I never get a chance to work ahead for assignments. (This is why I need meditation!)

When you do meditate, do you prefer seated or in savasana? I'm still deciding!

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