Sunday, October 3, 2010

flowing it out

This isn't an informative post or anything, I just wanted to share my excitement with my amazing readers. After intermittent classes throughout September, I have been lucky enough to be scheduled FOUR classes this weekend! (I still have one more to go in an hour- breaking at Starbucks to do some homework!)

It's amazing how teaching a bit more frequently really makes all the difference in the world in your comfort level. I finally seem to be conquering the challenge that is my monotone voice (although I'm not sure how students perceive it, it sounds a lot more varied to me anyways!). I even managed to keep my cool as I attempted to get a spider out of the hot room today. Normally, I hate spiders, but I was so focused on "saving" the class (and not killing the spider, since that would be a poor example of ahimsa!), that I was attempting to pick it up with my hands! Luckily, the student whose mat spidey was visiting was an energy exchanger with no fear of spiders. The guy did NOT want to be picked up so she shooed him out of class, where he was brought outdoors by another fearless energy exchanger. Normally my eradicating spiders involves paper and a cup- never my hands! Crazy. I was just so focused!

Also, I taught my very first "flow" class today! The regular Moksha series, if you've never done it, is 40 poses, starting with a standing series, then a middle savasana, ending with the floor series- there are a few vinyasa flows introduced in the second half of class. The flow class incorporates sun sals between all of the standing poses in the first half of class. I'm sure it's run of the mill for most experienced teachers, but I was definitely a little nervous going in! With a few minor hiccups, I think I rocked it! Great feedback from our regulars as well. I feel a lot more confident going into the next one, knowing what I need to tweak.

So, basically... I'm feeling good! I know I have a long way to go, but it is great to realize that I can do this!

If you teach, when did you realize that it was meant to be?

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