Sunday, July 18, 2010

week 3 update!

 So, I have made it past the halfway point! And I'm alive. Still loving every minute despite the seemingly never-ending exhaustion. I did stay at home last night, and I slept a solid 8 hours for the first time I can remember in a really long time!! It was glorious, too bad I woke up at 7:30am on my day off!

So, what's new. I've done a lot more practice teaching. We also have started splitting "real" classes- teaching half our group (so, 30 in each class) and splitting the session among 5-6 of us, doing a block of poses. I had my first "real" class teaching experience (and in the hot studio no less!) yesterday afternoon. I had just had some body work done on my bad knee/ quad before class, so I took Savasana nearly the whole time. Good thing, because my heart was already pounding out of my chest when it was my turn! Luckily it went smoothly (and no one seemed to notice too much that I forgot a pose- eep!) and I got some great feedback from a really experienced teacher.

We've just finished our anatomy sessions- we've learned sooo much. I will never be dehydrated again- I will post a load of information on how vitally important it is in the near future!! We also learned muscle (connective tissue) releases which is pretty cool. I have to say when I had my quad released by our Osteopath teacher of the anatomy, it was amazing. They say that fascia holds emotions (which is why some people get emotional in camel, etc) and when it releases they all come out. I can definitely vouch for that, since I both laughed and cried when the quad was released. (I injured my knee 3 years ago and it never healed. Interestingly, I feel more pain in yoga than running since it's specifically a 90 degree angle that causes pain).

Well, that's all! Keep your eyes open for a giveaway in the next few days :)
Namaste, Callah