Wednesday, July 7, 2010

week one update

Just a quick check in, since once again I should be in bed... but who knew there were kinds of rice that take an HOUR to prepare?! Probably lots of people, I was obviously not one of them!!

Anyways, in point form!
- we had our first practice teaching session yesterday- half an hour, GO! Luckily one-on-one which was simultaneously less and more intimidating. (Especially since you have to work with someone you haven't chatted with before!)
- this morning's class was hot death. Did I say that about Monday's class? This one takes the cake! At times like that I wonder if i can persevere... but then those scary thoughts go away.
- We are having a "30-day no negative self-thoughts challenge". And if you do think something negative about yourself, finish with "...and I love you!" I encourage you all to join in :)
- I'm finding Buddhism REALLY interesting, and it really resonates with me
- I'm likely a Kapha with Pitta- and I go to bed way too late
- teacher training is way better than college!
- it's not so much the actual substances of coffee and alcohol i miss, but the rituals that go with them!
- i create a lot less garbage than I thought, although eating way less pre-prepared and packaged, processed foods is definitely contributing to the reduction!
- there are lots of ants in old Toronto houses, YUCK! (**thinking ahimsic thoughts!**)

Namaste, Callah