Thursday, July 22, 2010

ultima giveaway!

So, to keep you distracted from my lack of blogging during my training, I have a giveaway for you (although it looks like Rachel @ Suburban Yogini beat me to the punch! think of this as a second chance :)

Ultima Replenisher is providing some sample packs for a few lucky readers!
What is it? Well, I only just recently found out when I was contacted about trying a few samples. It's an electrolyte replacement drink mix- which I already use on an almost daily basis between the hot yoga and running, with all my sweating and all. (They are also a great vitamin supplement, especially when you've got a cold or are sick). Think Gatorade without all the yucky stuff.

I was kind of wary- I've never gotten anything through blogging before! I let them know if I wasn't a fan, I would be honest with them about it. If I liked it though- lucky you, they'd host a giveaway for my readers. It did sound great though- it's vegan, gluten free, non-GMO and no artificial ingredients. So, I decided to give it a try.

Honestly, it's great! Before the samples even arrived, I actually was able to try two different flavours at my training- a few girls already use it, and Ted (the founder) had gotten his hands on some samples as well and shared them with us! My favourite flavour is grape (so far). It's naturally sweetened (with Stevia) so it's sugar free, and a bit on the sweeter side. I'm hoping to convince my dad he doesn't need his G2 (and all the plastic bottles that go with it) and to switch to this instead. It comes in both individual packets, or 30 & 90 serving canisters which are perfect for reducing waste. In Canada, you can find it at the Running Room & Whole Foods.

So, if you're keen to win a sample pack (including Grape, Orange, Wild Raspberry & Lemonade) just leave a comment on which flavour you think you'll like most! For an extra entry, link to this post in a blog entry, and leave another comment with that link.

EDIT: Contest extending until August 5th. Thanks for your patience to those that have already entered!

Namaste, Callah