Saturday, September 18, 2010

in pictures- Niagara Falls

Last week, I headed up to Niagara to bring one of my good friends from my YTT to see the beauty before she headed home to Singapore. We first stopped at Frogpond Farms, the only certified organic winery in Ontario. After a tasting and loading up on wine, we took a stroll on the short path around the vineyard.

grapes! so many, basking in the sunlight.

loved the cute little farmhouse.

I don't know what these are. 

We found sheep! This lovely guy (or gal?) came right up to the fence to visit us.

Action shot! I was laughing too much to get a decent photo.

This is one of my fave photos I took that day.

It was so amazing to introduce the falls to someone who has never seen them before. It's a rare opportunity!

I made her keep her eyes on the ground until we rounded the corner to view the Horseshoe Falls (i.e., the Canadian falls) in their full splendor. This is where my half marathon will be ending next month!

pure beauty.

We did the "Journey Behind the Falls". We are only 9m above the water level here, getting sprayed by the mist.

Double rainbow! What does it mean?!? I really hope you've seen the video- click the link if you haven't!!

A lame tree pose! Not easy in these jeans, let me tell you! She caught me with my eyes closed :)

Hope you enjoyed my first ever "in pictures"!

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Vern said...

Love that area! Several years ago, when my daughter was at University of Toronto, we toured the falls and surrounding area, and up to Toronto. Awesome vineyards around there! said...

So beautiful there! Also, loving your poncho tree-pose! :)

Eco Yogini said...

very beautiful! haven't been to the Niagara region of Ontario... would love to go now too- with all the wineries and vineyards! :)

fiveseed said...

Beautiful pics! I'm told I've been there - when I was 1 1/2, LOL! Wish I remembered!