Tuesday, September 28, 2010

moksha vids - october

A forward-folding posture tip video for you!

Offices... wow. The facts about recycling paper cups are staggering- I make a point to tote those cups home to my compost if I have to give in when I've forgotten my reusable mug.

In my dental office, I have such a hard time reconciling my "green" way of living with all the waste we generate- but I'm doing my best. Turning the x-ray machine on only when I need it, rather than leaving it on all day. Using bulk containers of polishing paste rather than individual cups. Wriggling out of my gloves when I need to grab something from the drawer so I can put them back on rather than use a new pair. There is still loads of waste generated, but I know these small changes will add up- especially if I can get everyone else in the office on board, which I am slowly doing as I get more comfortable as part of the team!

What changes can you make at your office or place of work?

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Vern said...

Shawna, the Posture Tip of the Month is a great feature-- nice to see good info on some of the nuances of a pose that a novice like myself may have overlooked!

Greening the office? Here are a few things I do:
*I didn't like seeing the trash bins full of cans and bottles, so I set up recycling bins in our lunchroom for aluminum and plastic. When they're full, I take them with my household recycling. If you put out a bin, people tend to use it!
*I don't print a document unless I really need a printed copy. Then, I print two-sided.
*I reuse paper documents I receive. Most aren't printed two-sided, so I use the back side, either for printing or for scrap paper. Instead of using pads from our supply room, I cut one-side printed paper into quarters or eighths, stack together, and hold with a binder clip. the 1/8 size makes a perfect pocket pad. I also use the 1/8 size with a very small piece of tape instead of post-it notes.
*I bring my lunch in a reusable container in a reusable bag. I use a ceramic coffee cup, a glass "glass," and keep a ceramic plate, bowl and metal cutlery in my office.
*I don't use bottled water, not even from the big bottle in the water cooler. Even though they collect and refill the large bottles, they are still transported by trucks using fuel. Tap water is fine. I put it in my glass or reusable bottle.
*I keep a small hand towel in my office. After washing, instead of paper towels, I walk to my office with damp hands and dry them on the cloth towel.
*I turn washroom lights off when I leave, or if just passing by and noticing the lights are on. Who leaves the washroom lights on at home all day? No one. Why do it at work? When I'm out of my office, I turn the light out.

Good topic from the Green Tip of the Month!

♥ Callah said...

Vern, you are definitely a green inspiration!! I love all your tips. I am hoping to get the ladies at work off of throwaway paper cups and water bottles!