Tuesday, September 28, 2010

moksha vids - october

A forward-folding posture tip video for you!

Offices... wow. The facts about recycling paper cups are staggering- I make a point to tote those cups home to my compost if I have to give in when I've forgotten my reusable mug.

In my dental office, I have such a hard time reconciling my "green" way of living with all the waste we generate- but I'm doing my best. Turning the x-ray machine on only when I need it, rather than leaving it on all day. Using bulk containers of polishing paste rather than individual cups. Wriggling out of my gloves when I need to grab something from the drawer so I can put them back on rather than use a new pair. There is still loads of waste generated, but I know these small changes will add up- especially if I can get everyone else in the office on board, which I am slowly doing as I get more comfortable as part of the team!

What changes can you make at your office or place of work?

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