Monday, May 10, 2010

acceptance, or not.

I'm just curious how many of you have a "fun" time dealing with people who don't accept your lifestyle choices- particularly vegetarianism, or diet choices based on eco-consciousness.

It's only been about 6 months since I stopped eating meat, and I feel like I'm constantly being questioned on why I make the choices that I do. The other night, someone put milk in my tea, and I had literally just decided to start making the switch to non-cows milk. I still drank it, but of course the question is asked, "well, why did you decide to stop drinking cow's milk?" When my lighthearted comment about soy beans not feeling pain like cows do wasn't good enough, I threw out the greenhouse gas debate. I was then told to "check my sources". No thanks, I'm not going to change my mind regardless of what you think. The thing is, I have multiple vegan/vegetarian friends. No one questions them, but I guess every time I take my diet one step furthur towards being animal or eco-friendly, I have to go through the process all over again!

So, how many of you have to field irritating questions like this? How do you respond? I'd love some non-confrontational ways to brush off the topic! Should I just say I don't want to explain myself? Ask them why they eat meat? I'd love your input :)

Namaste, Callah