Sunday, May 2, 2010

Everything is amazing, nobody's happy

Apologies for being a bad blogger. Usually I work part-time, but I've been lucky enough to get a solid month of work- perfect timing with my upcoming training this July!

Well, at my regular job I've been quite miserable, and growing more and more excited at the prospect of being a yoga instructor. Then, out of nowhere, a coincidental series of lessons on happiness.

My friend sent me this video. (Embedding is disabled so you'll have to click over to the youtube link!)
Isn't it so true? What we have nowadays is incredible. Sticky mats and sweat-wicking clothing included. The world has come to expect these amazing things, and yet still so many are unhappy. Just a few hours later, I was browsing through my Yoga Journal when I found this suggestion from Frank Jude Boccio to one of his students who was feeling empty in life: make a list of 5 things each evening that brought joy to your day.

I love this idea, and in fact have been practicing it (albeit off & on) for the past year or so. I actually discovered it as an iPhone app (called "Gratitude"). Sometimes the smallest things can be points of joy in your day, such as an interaction with a friend or even a yoga instructor, or something you've done to bring joy into someone else's day.

To top it all off, I just found this daily insight on the YJ website.
We've probably all had moments that have shown us that happiness has virtually nothing to do with the external circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the state of our minds and hearts.
Do you practice anything like this? If not- try it!

Namaste, Callah