Sunday, May 9, 2010

Living Your Yoga- a book review

First of all, happy mothers day to all the yogini mamas out there! After spending only a few short hours teaching kids this morning, I've just awoken from my ritual Sunday afternoon nap after a lovely lunch with my mom. They take a lot of out me, so i have utmost respect to moms!

Ok, now for the review. Living Your Yoga by Judith Lasater was the first book from my reading list I decided to tackle. It wasn't too long, had short, manageable chapters and lots of spaces between the words. Haha, I seriously love reading, but sometimes when it is "required", it can be intimidating. That's why I mention the above factors- it makes the book a lot more approachable, and a lot less "scary".

Well, I actually loved this book! It had a simple, easy to read layout, and really was the perfect book to read first and ease me into the field of yogic philosophy. The book was divided into three parts:
1. Awakening Awareness: Yoga Within Yourself
2. Widening the Circle: Yoga and Relationships
3. Embracing All Life: Yoga in the World.

Each secton was furthur divided into seven chapters, offering outlooks on different topics, suggestions of practices for each topic, and finally, some mantras to use throughout your day. One of my favourites was from the chapter "Connection". It is "just happening". For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic- they aren't specifically doing it to you, it is just happening. This is the one I've had the most opportunity to use- as there are a lot of bad drivers around here! It reminds me to stay calm, and not waste my energy getting worked up.

I'd say the best thing about this book overall is how well Lasater can relate to the readers. I would definitely recommend this. While perfect for yoga newbies, it could also be a great way for seasoned practitioners to take their yoga off the mat.

In other book news, if you haven't already I highly recommend joining the Gita Talk group on Facebook, and also over on Elephant Journal. It's great for a newcomer to yogic philosophy, such as myself. Lots of interesting opinions, and I can put my numerous questions out there to get some insight. It's the perfect time to read the Gita if you haven't, and are interested- we'll be reading about 1-2 chapters a week which is a perfectly reasonable pace :)

How did you celebrate your mom today? Read any good books lately?
Many more reviews to come!

Namaste, Callah