Friday, May 21, 2010

yoga.. not just for humans.

I was browsing the yoga selection on Kobo (I've downloaded the iPhone version, I'm just not sure I can bring myself to buy a book to read on the tiny screen!) and found this gem.
Does Fluffy seem stiff and tense? Help him become the lithe and limber feline he was meant to be with Cat Yoga , a hands-on guide to the ancient practice of yoga . . . for cats.

Well, my cat DOES like to stretch out on my mat!
It's too bad they don't have yoga philosophy texts on the eReader, then I would be all over it! Talk about convenience.

Only 41 days til my training commences! My goal for June (after my 10k run next Saturday which I am completely unprepared for!) is 10 classes/ home practices a week. Doubles, here I come!

Have you jumped on the eReader bandwagon?

Namaste, Callah