Monday, May 31, 2010

water and the 10k

Just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive post-10k. I might not exactly classify it as a "run" considering I ended up walking maybe 50-60% of the course. Oh well, at least I didn't end up on a stretcher or the side of the road like some people! Despite disappointing myself (amendment: disappointed I slacked on the training, I really didn't prepare properly at all!), I am still grateful at the distance my body carried itself. I am, however, more committed to training properly for the next run- my sister & I have made a pact to make it the half-marathon next year!! And I just happened to discover the clinic in my town is FREE this session, and starting Wednesday. It's a sign :)

I got an interesting article in an email from YJ today. What timing after reading Yoga Gypsy's post on the importance of water not too long ago! The article talks about the myth of 8x8- 8 8oz glasses of water a day. Apparently caffeinated and alcholic beverages actually do contribute to your water intake, without causing dehydration (all in moderation, of course!) (UPDATE! Read this post on the importance of hydration and ignore what I just wrote about!) I would like to draw attention to the myth that bottled water is better than tap water. I recently heard a short clip of a news story on this, although unfortunately missed the actual story itself! But basically, more proof there is no need to families to buy and consume cases of bottled water!

Namaste, Callah


shaktimama said...

Hi, Callah, congratulations on having made it through your 10k! You shouldn't be so hard on yourself ... the way I see it, we're all working our way up to something, be it yoga, or writing, or mothering, or running :). It's all a process! Heh, I can't imagine myself even trying to run one mile right now! I'd pass out for sure ...

Yes, bottled water is not the clean, purified water everyone thinks it is. In fact, most bottled water wouldn't even pass the tests that city water has to pass. Weird, huh? It's a total rip-off, and people have been buying it for a long time (including me back in the day).

♥ Callah said...

you're totally right, i made a few little amendments to my post lol. I need to me more appreciative of the little accomplishments, like beating my 5k time of last year, and keeping my time under double of last years 5k (if that makes sense?) It's easy to wallow in it when you don't meet the goals you set for yourself but I'm looking forward to the next one!