Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A mish mash of mats, certification, and (unrelated) disappointment

So, good stuff first.
1) I am now officially a Kids Yoga instructor :) I teach my first (official, that is!) class this weekend. I've actually lead a few classes before so this will be way better since I know so much more about putting lessons together! Aruna at Young Yoga Masters was fabulous. If you live int he Toronto area I would definitely recommend one of her workshops if Kids yoga interests you!

2) I bought "the mat" that I talked about before. It is AMAZING. I used it, sans towel, in a few Moksha classes this week. I'm talking, 110F, 3-40% humidity here. And I didn't budge an INCH the entire class! Amazing. It seriously changed my practice. If you are in the market for a new mat I would highly recommend it. (and it also comes in purple now)!

And now, for the 'disappointment' part of the blog! I was recently let down by a friend. (I won't get into specifics since you never know who is reading!)

Normally, when it comes to situations like that, I just brush it off and move on. "No worries" is definitely my most used phrase, which I picked up during my travels down under. I'm very laid back, and especially recently as a means of taking my yoga practice "off the mat", I really don't like to over-analyze negative situations. However, this time was different. My friend's actions affected not just me, but some of my own friends as well. I felt responsible, and it really threw me out of joint. While she apologized, I felt like brushing it off just didn't give the situation the justice it deserved.

Finally, after much thought on how to deal with this, a quote my teachers often use in class during savasana, while meditating, came to me. "If a thought comes into your mind, acknowledge it, and let it float away". (Or something like that!) I realized this was the perfect way to take my yoga practice off the mat. Acknowledge the situation, and my disappointment, and then let it float away. There is no need to dwell on it, but also no need for it to be completely ignored, either.

So, I followed through with my solution, and feel the weight lifted off my shoulders.

How do you deal with being let down?



Eco Yogini said...

congratulations!!! so glad that it went well :)

as for the friend letting you down. good for you to try letting it go!

I try that... but it's a work in progress :)

Juliana Crespo said...

Congrats on becoming an instructor! Those little kids are probably soooo cute on the yoga mats.

I know about being let down. I was recently let down by someone I thought I could trust (though I wasn't close to her or anything). I think that the important thing is to remember that it's not personal (a Buddhist philosophy, too). That is, people do the things they do because of their own internal struggle. If they had everything figured out, they wouldn't let other people down. They understand what it means to be there for someone, through thick and thin (to use a worn cliche).

I'm glad to hear that you let it go. I've been trying to do the same recently with a couple of things going on in my life, so I completely understand how hard it is.

Rebel Road Sister said...

I often find myself thinking in that mentality of "If a thought comes into your mind, acknowledge it, and send it away"! As I learn more and more about yoga each day, I can really use the yoga mentality in my daily life and I love it!

p.s. how are kids with yoga? Do you find them not being able to concentrate or do they love it?