Friday, April 2, 2010

yoga for runners

Being a (brand) new runner (again!) I've realized I've got a definite advantage this time around- my regular yoga practice!
I've just started training this week to do a 10k run at the Ottawa Race Weekend. It's a tradition my sister and I have had since 2006, but I've always done the 5k. Time to step it up, since one of my long-term goals is a half-marathon! (Which seems kind of insane to me, since even the 10k is intimidating me).

After my very first run in months on Monday (stupidly followed IMMEDIATELY by a 60 minute heated Moksha practice) I've been feeling extremely tight in the hip flexors. Follow that with back-to-back classes on Wednesday (TWO of our teachers are leaving! *sniff*), and another run yesterday- suffice to say I can barely walk. So I've looked up a couple different yoga for runners sequences, here: iYogaLife 10 Best Poses for Runners and this post at Daily Cup of Yoga.

I've come up with my own personalized sequence for post-run yoga on Yoga Journal. Here it is!

Can't wait to try out it after my next run! Do you have any favourite post-run poses?



jamieonthemat said...

I am not a runner, but you just listed some of my favorite poses! I love the hip openers and quad stretches. : )

Eco Yogini said...

Andrew runs, and lots of those I recommended to him. With the warmer weather, it's time he started running again- so I will be sure to print off this sequence for him!! :)

ps- it's SO fun to see another Canadian writing style- favourite with a 'ou' :)

♥ Callah said...

I couldn't wait for a run to test it, so I did it post-hike today- felt great!
Lisa- I read a few (non-yoga) blogs out of Australia/NZ and they have the same 'ou' words we do! I'll try and work 'colour' into a post soon :-p

Juliana Crespo said...

It's so wonderful that you're running and doing yoga and hiking! I have a little one, so I have to choose what I like best ... there's not nearly enough time to do it all. We'll get out hiking with Luna in the baby carrier this spring and summer though. The best of luck with training!

♥ Callah said...

it was just yoga for the past few months, but one of my new years resolutions was to start varying it up- delayed start, but it's nice to be exploring lots of different options! It's going to be a good summer :)
Hiking with the baby carrier, that will be a GREAT workout!

Emma said...

posted a post about you, and this sequence today! let me know if it looks a'ight.



JenP said...

thanks for posting this callah! i'm definitely going to try this after my run on monday.

i recently upped my regular run from 5km to 8km, and my usual (limited) post-run stretching has not been cutting it lately.