Sunday, April 4, 2010

a holiday Sunday, and a review

First, I'd like to thank The Joy of Yoga for featuring my running sequence yesterday! If you haven't been to her blog, check it out. A new sequence every day, perfect for the home practitioner!

I'll say Happy Easter, which can be loosely translated as, hope you are all having a fantastic long weekend with beautiful weather, no matter if the holiday is celebrated or not!
(photo taken by me in NYC last year)

I've been fiddling around with my Authentic Yoga app, which I found on Daily Cup of Yoga's blog. To be honest, I only purchased it at first because it was on sale- favouring hot yoga, I do most of my yoga in class form. However, I was excited when they provided an update, allowing you to form your own sequences. I've only just discovered the wonderful feeling of creativity and control in creating your own sequences these past few days. (And I look forward to it post- teacher training, when I am more experienced!) I had a lot of fun scrolling through the available poses to come up with my own variation of the Moksha sequence, that incorporates a few poses I like, and would like to work on, while keeping in with the Moksha focus of hip and spine openers. I'd give it a 4/5 for ease of use- my frustration was that when clicking on the 'balance' section, it didn't always work properly, and I'd have to click another section, and then back into it to see all the poses. My other frustration came when went to save, and then realized I forgot to add crane pose. I hit the back button, only to find it erased EVERYTHING. Since it was my first time playing around, I had spent a good deal of time creating my sequence! Gah.

All in all though, if you have an iPhone (or iTouch?) I would recommend this- even at full price, which is still only a few dollars- if you like home practice, and creating your own sequences. It is great because it allows your sequence (or Deepak & Tara Stile's sequences) to be played as a video, which helps you visualize and time the poses.

How to you prefer to do your yoga - videos, apps, classes, or going with your own flow? And, more importantly... is anyone else experiencing major chocolate overload?!



Juliana Crespo said...

Hi, Callah (such a cool name!). You wrote about Moksha on my blog, and it really does sound very interesting. The idea of coming up with your own sequences sounds soooo intimidating ... I'm still getting many of the names of poses down. I look forward to the day though when I feel comfortable enough to go through a workout without a video accompanying me.

On another note, I do mostly ashtanga or vinyasa flow, which works for me really well because I work up a pretty good sweat, and I love the sun salutations. Is Moksha more of a power yoga workout or is it more Hatha or gentle yoga?

As for chocolate, I eat chocolate just about every day! My partner knows that when I'm cranky, chocolate will reverse my mood! But I definitely felt more justified on Easter day :).

♥ Callah said...

Thanks, I actually made it up as my blogging identity! Haha, my real name is Shawna :)
Moksha is a hot sequence, so it's definitely more laid back than power yoga since you are automatically sweating. However, I find after a good practice where I've really pushed myself (while listening to my body, of course!) I do feel sore the next day! They have digital (audio) downloads of the sequence if you are ever interested, at under "yoga products". The regular sequence has a few "downward dog" flows which are similar to sun salutations. In-studio, they offer flow classes with a LOT of salutations - that's when it gets to be a fast paced workout :)
Wow, this response is getting long winded! As for creating your own sequences, check out the yoga journal website- you get to browse a lot of different poses, it can be as easy as selecting your favourite postures to make a list! It's kind of fun!