Thursday, November 25, 2010

mala bracelet giveaway!

In light of all my meditation talk lately, I've decided to fashion a mala bracelet for one of my readers.

I also decided to join Twitter (gasp!)

So, to enter, (you can choose one or all ways to enter!)
1)just comment on this post if you would prefer the turquoise drop pendant or the Om charm (since I'm going to re-string it... I forgot a spacer and I'm a tiny bit of a perfectionist!)
2) follow me on twitter (@heartcallah) and leave another comment on the post with your twitter username! also comment if you're already following :)
3) And finally, if you re-blog, tweet or facebook this giveaway leave another comment. You can do all three, each one counts! Make sure each entry is a separate comment.

Winner will be determined by a random number generator on Dec 1!

The bracelet is made of rudraksha and magnesite (imitation) turquoise beads, with either a turquoise or rhodium plated om pendant.

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Nithu Bala said...

Wow! the bracelet is very that om charm:-)

Brittany said...

This is lovely! Turquoise drop pendant!

Young Yoga Masters said...

Cute bracelet. I like both but I'm leaning toward the Om charm.

Young Yoga Masters said...

okay I found you on twitter and now follwoing. I'm at @kidsyogateacher

Young Yoga Masters said...

and tweeted your contest too.