Monday, November 1, 2010

threads for thought

So, I have drastically reduced the amount of clothing I've purchased since my yoga training, but a line of clothing at the new studio I'm teaching at in hamilton caught my eye yesterday... threads for thought.
Style is an attitude; it is more than what we wear.
At Threads for Thought we use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and polyester recycled from plastic water bottles to create clothing that is comfortable, beautiful, and socially conscious; then we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity. What we wear is as important as what our clothes are made of, and where and how they are put together.

So, with that in mind, I was excited to make this purchase! With a lot of my clothes becoming baggier, I am excited to have a reason to purchase a few more things from them in the future.

my new purchase!

I love the fact that the clothing is stylish enough while still being eco-friendly. Sweet!

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