Thursday, November 11, 2010

remembering through meditation

Remember how I talked about giving the meditation challenge a second chance?
Well, I did and never updated you! Life has been busy.
I actually did quite well the second week... I think I managed to sit 6/7 days. I even upped it to 10 minutes one day, just to try it out. I found that, at night, the only real difference between 5 and 10 minutes is that I can actually start to nod off... sitting up! Yes, it's true. So, I'll say that the challenge was relatively successful. It helped to spend a few minutes journaling post-sit, just to take stock of any particular struggles or revelations I came across.

After the week however, I completely let it slide! I decided today was the perfect day to start again... and perhaps make it a daily, ongoing goal. I'm not going to beat myself up if I forget, but I don't think busyness can count as an excuse... 5 minutes really isn't all that hard to squeeze in.

So, at 11:06 this morning I began by 5 minute meditation... ending at 11:11. Today, rather than clearing my mind I focused on remembering. Remembering what the world has faced in the past, and sending gratitude to all those who have sacrificed for us to be here today. While I'm not getting into any kind of politics, regardless of my beliefs I am truly grateful for my freedom. And that is the perfect reason to spend 5 minutes in silence, enduring a touch of chilliness, taking note of how uncomfortable my block felt to sit on today... and realizing how tiny those annoyances really are.


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