Thursday, June 3, 2010

a challenge

In exactly four weeks, my Moksha training commences! To prepare, I've set myself a goal- 10 yoga classes (a home practice counting here or there for sanity's sake!) per week, for the next four weeks (I started Monday). I'm lucky (well, unlucky financially) that I have a LOT of free time on my hands, so it makes it fairly manageable. Every few days, I'll blog about my progress, and also use it as a way to track my challenge for myself as well!

(Today's "x" for illustration purposes only!)

On Monday I did a double, with 75 minutes in between for recovery. On Tuesday, another double but with only 30 minutes in between classes. I noticed a huge difference in my performance in the second class with the shorter break in between- I was completely zapped of energy! It was also especially hot that night, so I took plenty of breaks. I can't imagine how some of the full time teachers can teach 4-5 hot classes in one day! I guess you quickly learn to adjust your teaching style to be less physical.

Yesterday ended up being a bit of a break for me. I took one class, and had intended on starting the running clinic in the evening, but it was pouring rain so they postponed it til next week. I then fully intended on a treadmill run, but Alice in Wonderland and chocolate covered almonds distracted me instead, oops!

One major difference i'm noting compared to my last 30 day challenge is that with the doubles, I'm getting sore much quicker! The classes turn into love/hate relationship with the postures, where the stretching feels AMAZING, but the standing strength poses and vinyasa flows require extra loud Ujiyi breath to get me through it!

Although working this weekend will make it a bit more challenging to fit in doubles and a run or two, I'm looking forward to continuing this challenge. My training involves 2 classes, 6 days a week, so I'll feel a lot more confident going in (especially since I'm probably going to be one of the curvier, less skinny trainees!) knowing I've completed this challenge I've laid out for myself. It helps to have the support of my studio friends and of course my bloggy readers :)

Stay tuned for a giveaway (yes, after always getting excited to see blog giveaways- even though I never win myself :-p - I thought I could create some excitement of my own!), and many more, possibly boring, challenge related blog posts!

Namaste, Callah