Tuesday, August 17, 2010

the importance of hydration

These notes are from a functional anatomy lecture with Pierre Desjardins, one of our amazingly informative (and HILARIOUS) teachers. I was so lucky to "win" an osteopathic treatment from him for my chronic knee injury. Just brilliant.

Anyways, these probably won't be flowing sentences but this is the gist of it! Hopefully you can look past the school-notes style and see the importance of drinking enough water!!

- to perform at it's peak, the body (made up of 70% water) needs a constant supply of hydration
-> a normal adult at resting needs 4L of water... 2L of which comes from food, the other 2L which must come from outside sources
* Juices, coffee, tea are FLUIDS... not WATER! You need 8 glasses of pure water at REST.
- You should have about 1L of water for every hour of physical activity.
- without sufficient water your connective tissue (CT) starts to shrink and WRINKLE! Yes, you'll look older!
- if you're chronically dehydrated, it can take up to THREE months to rehydrate your tissues!
- aspartame (crystal light, diet drinks etc) turn into formaldehyde in your liver... ew!
- all chronic ailments have a basis of dehydration! (Water can have an antacid effect for acid reflux in as little as 8 minutes!)
- water consumption should be spread out throughout the day to ensure constant hydration, and drink it slowly!
- add a pinch of unrefined pure sea salt to one glass of water a day to balance electrolytes and avoid overtaxing the kidneys (so yup, all those drink mixes aren't even necessary after all!)
- caffiene and alcohol are DEhydrating (which I think we all know!) ... they actually slow blood flow because you lack plasma when dehydrated (not helped by the increased urinating it causes!)
* You should drink an extra glass of water for every cup of coffee, tea or alcohol etc. consumed
- You can actually turn off your thirst signals by repeatedly ignoring them... they will come back after a few weeks of properly hydrating! As well the constant peeing will eventually regulate.

That aspartame bit really hit home. I always knew it "wasn't good" but when you hear exactly HOW... it's pretty disgusting! No more artificial sweeteners for me, and I've been working at weaning my mom off them too. Luckily, she was receptive after I gave her a chapter to read from Skinny Bitch. I just read it, and it blew my mind. I think I'm slowly going to work on going Vegan, or at least half-vegan! I definitely recommend that book for anyone who thinks they can't kick the meat-eating habit. I was you only 10 months ago!

Skinny Bitch
So sorry for the lack of posting. I've been so crazy busy I can't even believe it. This post is cutting into my running time (don't worry, it was a conscious decision!) which is actually usually WORK time, but I got the morning off and I'm actually celebrating!

Share this info with all your friends... so many people are dehydrated and don't even know it!

P.S. How's the new layout? Jamie, you inspired me for a makeover! 

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