Monday, August 2, 2010

thoughts on my intensive teacher training


So, I'm alive and officially able to teach moksha yoga :) (I am not fully certified, however, only having put in about 300 of the 500 hours required. The rest will follow in the next 11 months, with 8 projects and lots and lots of personal practice, feedback and continuing Ed.)

A quick note, I've extended the ultima contest for a few days. Due to bloggy inactivity, there are only a few entries and lots of ultima to go around! Find the contest here. A simple comment is all it takes to enter :)

I feel like I'll want to break down some of what I've learned in a few posts, but for an awesome nearly daily account of the training, check out my friend Sophies blog. What dedication, so many entries while I posted a mere 4 times! So, today I will just talk about feelings :) In a nutshell, this training one of the most transformative months of my life. I'll be honest, I wouldn't sum it up as the BEST month since I've been on many amazing journeys and travels, but definitely top 3. While I am super glad to be home and able to catch up on sleep and things which make me a normal person, like massage, chiropractic and sleep (not to mention family & friends, and kitties!) I am also a bit sad the training wasn't long enough to become super close will all 60 people. You know how it feels when you near the end of something only to realize you've got so much more to do, like getting closer with all the people you haven't had the opportunity to with yet? That's the one.

The ending of training was such an incredible finish. On Wednesday, we chose partners and headed wherever we wanted to take turns teaching (and practicing) 60 minute classes. Sophie (blogger linked above) had the amazing suggestion of the beach. So, we found a patch of sand with a gorgeous view of downtown Toronto- CN Tower included :) it was both my favourite teaching and practicing experiences in my yoga life, so far! Talk about idylic.

bliss on the beach.

Thursday after a final hot class together, we headed to a farm for a campout! There was a little bocce and a lot of sunbathing on my behalf, after a month of basement dwelling. Then it was time for the talent show which was truly talented. A couple songs around the campfire, it was after midnight and I was toast!
the barn was the perfect place for another photoshoot!

We also had our grad. Each us us received an "award", based on our intros, presentations, or general dispositions. I think I mentioned before, my topic was "Changing the world by changing yourself". I talked about the movie pay it forward, and like to think i sprinkled a few good deeds in during the month. My award was the "Pay It Forward Award for Selfless Service". So touching.

woohoo! I'm done!

Friday it was back to the city. Lunch with a few girls I had driven, a glorious nap and goodbye to the kitty I cat-sat for (appropriately named Kitty) and it was off to a post- training party for some last fun times as a group. Then, the grand finale of the month. I saw Robyn & Keane in concert, joined by one of the trainees (and a great opportunity to get to know one more person better!) We had the greatest surprise ever when I spotted someone handing out wristbands and I caught her eye with a big smile. We got upgraded to FLOOR seats at the molson amphitheater! Front and centre! Talk about amazing. The concert was incredible, I have wanted to see Robyn forever and the combo of the two bring back so many backpacking memories from Australia and New Zealand.

Today, we got our projects. The email aptly titled, the beginning of the rest of our lives.

Namaste, Callah

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