Wednesday, August 18, 2010

running stories

So, it's been a while since I blogged about my running journey - slash - (lack of) progress.
Tonight is the night! Everything is coming together. I took 5 weeks off during my teaching training since I did not have a single drop of energy left in me after 13-14 hour days, 6 days a week. Getting back into it has been slow, and I've been struggling to choose a race- I knew I wanted to complete one by the end of the year, but my time off and need to slowly ease back into it has been very daunting!

Every time I run I think how slow and horrible I am. To the point where I wrote about it on my facebook status like a minute ago. Then, immediately after I read an awesome blog post on the lulu website, about how the author creates this story in her head that she is such a bad runner. Well, that's all it took! After a solid month learning about the stories our ego creates, I've been dealing with one for weeks, months... heck, you could even argue years!

So, my new goal is to stop thinking negative thoughts when I'm running. Just be proud my body is able to do what it can and that I will cross the finish line eventually. And, I think I've finally chosen a race!

It's on October 24th. I asked my sister if she would come out to support me if I ran it alone. (That was one of my fears as well. She initially was going to run a half with me, but has been plagued with nasal issues, a surgery for her deviated septum etc. which is definitely cause for temporary lack of motivation to run). So, this is me, making myself accountable to someone. No more excuses on slacking on the long runs. (Luckily my schedule will be a little bit lighter soon to help make it a little bit easier to fit them in!)

What kind of stories do you create- about yoga, another physical activity, anything? Let's all agree to overcome them together!

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6 comments: said...

Oh, Callah...I so identify with this! My mind is terribly clever. It develops these incredible ideas about how crap I am at things and convinces me it's the truth. So discouraging and damning! The step away from all of that is finding a new voice to encourage you. Every day is a new opportunity to be nice to yourself, right?! Right. :)

♥ Callah said...

You put it so beautifully! I think that should be my daily mantra :)

Mandy said...

What a great blog Callah! Thank you so much for checking out Yoga Addicted and commenting so that I could find you:) I am very interested in the Moksha (which I LOVE the name btw) yoga, sounds awesome!

shaktimama said...

Yes, be proud, lady! I've been running a little too, except my knees don't feel so right ... I need to look into that so I can run without creaky knees :).

♥ Callah said...

Ah yes, I have creaky knees so I'm having a bit of a break right now thanks to the damp weather!! Hopefully the coming week brings less rain and better feeling knees :)

Vern said...

Hi Callah,
I came across your blog by way of Daily Cup of Yoga.

I started running seriously in 2008 as a slow, plodding runner, but with steady, gradual training, completed my first marathon last May! And yoga has been the perfect complement to run training.

So, hang in there! You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to! Good luck on October 24!