Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy holidays... don't lose your shit!

This video is doing the rounds with my facebook yogi friends, and it definitely seems appropriate to share here. I won't lie, I've got a few gifts waiting for me under the tree (wrapped in re-used packing paper, though!). But, I've cut my gift-giving to a minimum, eliminated paper holiday cards, and hand-made gifts for my friends. I haven't forgot about the "giving" part of the season, either. All in moderation and balance, right?

I hope everyone has an amazingly wonderful holiday, whatever you celebrate (or don't). Enjoy any time off you may have, and like I said in one of my classes this morning... remember any calm energy you cultivate in your asana practice, and take it with you... whenever you are feeling stressed out, remember that feeling... and BREATHE!

Happy holidays :) 
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Bluebird Yogini said...

That is a pretty great video. It is true- the religion of this nation seems to be centered around acquiring things.
It is such a weird time of year. It is cold, dark and quiet outside, everything natural tells us to be quiet and internally focused, yet the cultural focus is BUY CRAP! BE SUPER SOCIAL! TRAVEL! AHHHH! It is so stressful. I've been trying to help students in yoga classes see the dichotomy there and just to try to find a way to balance out the madness and find time for themselves!

Brittany said...

Love this video!!!! Bill Maher is great.