Wednesday, June 16, 2010

and the CSA boxes begin :)

So, after my "discovery" of CSA boxes on the weekend, I got right down to it convincing my parents why it was a good way to spend their money :-P
I signed up with plan b organic farms, which has a delivery location right in town where you pick up- conveniently right by Starbucks where I was having a friend coffee date with my new reusable cold drink mug :) Looks like I'll have to get a lot more creative with my cooking to use everything up!

The first delivery included:

-garlic scapes (which I only knew what they were from the post on Oh She Glows where I first read about CSA boxes!)
-spring onions
-4 apples
-head of lettuce
and all are organic and locally sourced! Also, the website says the are harvested the day before delivery- fresh!!
(greens now bursting out of my fridge!)

Yum, plain yogurt loaded with fresh berries!

I was also super-excited to read over at Suburban Yogini that EVERYONE was a winner for her My Yoga Online contest! A great surprise :)

As for the challenge, this week I did one class on Monday, two yesterday (spread out, much nicer!) and am planning a short restorative home practice before bed, after my first run club tonight. It was great, everyone seems really nice and supportive which is nice when you're the slowest runner! Looks like my training next month with 11-12 classes per week isn't going to get me out of 2-3 runs per week, darn! Tomorrow I am hopping on the bus to Toronto to take a class at Milton's "sister studio", and lunch, before another evening class. A busy weekend ahead! I think 10 was perhaps a lofty goal including running, but I'll keep doing my best!

I also have a new blog email- callah.yogalife(at)gmail(dot)com!

What are your favourite veggies to cook with?

Namaste, Callah