Sunday, June 13, 2010

more on local eating

So, after reading about CSAs on a few blogs, I had to google it. I found this awesome guide to Ontario CSAs. I'm hoping a) it's not too late to start and b) my parents will pay for it :-P (i MAY have full time dental hygiene work coming this fall, fingers crossed! And I can still teach part time after my certification! But until then... broke!)
Anyhow, CSAs sound amazing. If you haven't heard of them before either (maybe it's just me!) it's Community Supported Agriculture, and you pay up front for weekly shares of their veg- so you know it's local, fresh, and exactly where it's coming from! How have I not heard about this?

Anyways, while on the site I also found this preview for "Food, Inc." Have you seen it?

As for my challenge update, I kept thinking throughout the week there was no way I would meet my goal (especially with 2-3 runs for my running clinic). Well, I fared pretty well! I doubled up on Friday night to support an energy exchanger at the Karma class, who is going to Africa with Habitat for Humanity. I'm kind of cheating and counting the two kids classes I taught today as one practice- we did a LOT of sun salutations haha! I will finish off the week to make it "10" with a home pratice- my friend lent me a Shiva Rae DVD I'm going to test out!

So, I made it. After all my rest last weekend, I am feeling quite good actually! I think I'll manage to live during my training :)

Those of you who have heard of CSAs already- where did you learn about them?
Namaste, Callah