Wednesday, June 23, 2010

some great natural finds!

So as mentioned, i hit up the Oakville Organic Farmers Market this past weekend. Lucky for me I was already loaded with produce, because it was all sold out by the time we got there just over one hour after opening!

My finds: Glo: Run vegan (granola) bars from Glo Bakery. (not pictured). This online bakery is actually run out of tiny Campbellville, so technically part of my very own town! Talk about local. Angela, the owner, writes the blog Oh She Glows which is over on my blogroll. -->

These bars were delish and the perfect pre-run snack- especially since I always have a hard time finding the right balance, and (usually) over-eating and subsequently feeling pretty crappy. I will definitely be making another purchase here!

A shampoo bar from Enfleurage Organics. Another local find based out of Oakville. I've reserved this for my yoga bag so I'll be using it about half the time- until I run out my products at home. It is definitely an adjustment, my hair has such a different texture after using this- I guess that's what it feels like to not strip out all the natural oils from your hair! I love the quality and will probably buy some different soaps from this vendor, however there is patchouli in the shampoo bar which has led me to hunt on Etsy for another, non-patchouli scented bar. Any suggestions?

And my last purchase at the market, a lavender skin healing creme. My cousin recently recommended lavender as a natural option for battling pimples, and apparently it's great for all kinds of skin irritations like cuts, bruises etc. It's very light and absorbs quickly, perfect for my oily skin!

So, I'd say the market was a definite success. It's nice to see there are actually natural and eco-friendly options out there if you just look! I can't wait to phase out all my chemical-laden and plastic-packaged products.

And I was also excited to receive my order from Five Seed yesterday :) I got two lips balms (Orange Cocoa and Cocoa Love, which is vegan and will be gifted!) and a Sankalpa scent (in Amelie). They arrived in cute tins and smell divine. I can't stop applying the lip balm! I would definitely recommend her etsy shop for these fantastic all-natural products, and you can also check out here other blog, A Green Spell, which is also on the blogroll. You also may win some cool prizes if you join the facebook group!

So, that's me loaded up on some exciting new products for now.

As for my personal challenge, this is the last week! As mentioned previously I have been slacking a bit, but I am sticking to my half-marathon training at 3 runs a week. I took one class on Monday evening, and a double yesterday. I was excited to hear about a new Runner's Yoga class in town so I will be checking that out on Monday. Tonight was run club night and wow was it HOT- 37C with the humidex! Wouldn't you know it, the heat didn't bother me that much. I guess it's a pleasant side effect of hot yoga :) I just need to learn to pace myself better so I don't crash during cooldown! (I'm just noticing I am excessive user of exclamation marks... oh well!)

So, what are your favourite natural products? (Especially for skincare... I definitely have some minor acne issues on my jawline!)

Namaste, Callah