Thursday, June 10, 2010

chicobag winner, and some foodie updates!

And the winner (via random number generator) is... Jamie at On the Mat! I'll be contacting you to confirm shipping details shortly! Thanks to all who entered :)

So, I posted that Hellman's ad on facebook yesterday and it drew a little bit of controversy! Some people argued it's not possible for a country in our climate to be self-sufficient. I guess not everyone is prepared to eat seasonally (and even I admit I'm not at that point yet!) I guess the point of the ad, to me, is that why eat something that has been imported when it is in season, and available locally? It's amazing how much debate your diet can stir up! My speaking topic for my teacher training next month is, "Change yourself, change the world". I realize there are a ton of non-eco, non-food related arguments for that topic, but I have to admit those are the biggest ones for me! The video that EcoYogini posted not too long ago really proves the point.

Also, in other food news, I tried my first Green Monster yesterday! And wouldn't you know it, while at the supermarket probably 60% of the food I bought was from other countries, with no other possibility. (Juliana- is it Del Monte or Dole bananas to avoid? Or both?) Anyways, this baby has flax seeds, spinach, banana, almond milk and a few blueberries I had kicking around. Despite the initially offputting green colour, it was delish! Great to get the old blender out, and an easy (and almost sneaky) way to get a few veg servings, and my fruit for the day!

my first green monster!

Lastly, my challenge update! Every so often I get completely wiped out and just have to SLEEP! Sunday & Monday were those days. On Monday I took it easy with a "Mindfulness" sequence from Mindfulness Yoga, did a double Tuesday (including the level 2 class which really pushed my boundaries and gave my hip flexors a crazy workout!), yesterday I did one class, and run once the rain stopped. I'll have to kick it into gear the rest of the week to fit everything in. I have a feeling thanks to sore hip flexors I might not be able to walk tomorrow!

Namaste, Callah