Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happy half-year!

Firstly, I'd like to share an amazing post by Eco Yogini on "hot yoga done right" - moksha yoga! Thanks so much for the dedication Lisa, I am so excited to begin my training tomorrow (on Canada Day of all days!) and I've got LOTS to do to prepare for my move to the city for the month. I'm one of those people who works best under pressure (as long as i have a LIST!)

Seeing as some goal check-ins are going around the yoga blogosphere as today marks the end of the first half of the year, I thought I'd do a check in myself. On my "other" blog, I wrote up some goals (which I hesitate to call new years resolutions, because I like to think I'm working on bettering myself year-round). How they've stacked up so far:

-stopped using drive thrus (I've only gone through one, for a friend who REALLY wanted a late-night McFlurry... I was cringing on the inside the whole time)!
-my first 30 day yoga challenge
-varying up my workouts (ran a 10k and now training for a half-marathon)
-give up my grudges. Waste of energy! (I'd say I'm mostly on track with this- I get frustrated but I let it go pretty quickly.)

Not accomplished (yet!)
-Move. Anywhere. (this is more long-term... have to pay off my teacher training and start saving up!)
-make a painting (I'm going to as one of my post-training distance projects!)
-remember to take my vitamins (I'd say, maybe 25% of the time? I've got a horrid memory!)
-learn how to ride a bike (the shame! it will come!)

Bonus achievements
-Got a full-time dental hygiene job for a dentist I love working with, enabling me to leave the office I dread working at.
-Decided to take my Moksha Yoga teacher training and made it happen!

This has nothing to do with my post, but I am going to miss this guy during training!!

As for my personal challenge last month, it kind of tapered down. I actually worked 3 days last week (which sounds laughable, but I've been surviving the past 18 months working between 0-2 days a week on average, hence the still living at home!) and it really made it hard to find the time for yoga! I have a new appreciation for those who don't have loads of time on their hands, like I did. (Which is no more, with the training and then new jobs starting in August!). I don't feel disappointed in myself, though, because I gave it a really good effort and with my solid first two weeks of the challenge, don't feel quite so intimidated by the thought of 12 asana classes a week during my training. I also started my half-marathon training at the same time, and have done I think about 10-12 runs in the past month. So overall, while the 10 workouts a week might not have been all yoga, they got done in one way or another.

My studio had an unofficial 30-day challenge going on in July, and we celebrated last night with the lovely studio owners taking the small group of us out for dinner. It was also somewhat of a "going-away/ pretraining" celebration. I realized that in my excitement for training, I was pushing aside the thought of missing my wonderful yoga community and not to mention family & friends for the month of July. I'm sure the month will be over before I know it- and I will try to blog a little bit of my progress in the little spare time that I have.

Namaste, Callah