Friday, June 4, 2010

speaking of water...

I stumbled upon these KOR special edition hydration vessels (fancy name, huh?) and I am now practicing non-greed. If the shipping to Canada weren't so ridiculous, I would probably shell out the equally ridiculous amount just to own this gorgeous, BPA-free bottle that is manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Each special edition sale donates $5 to a different eco-cause, so if you're interested you can take advantage of this 15% off coupon with the code KWS-12471.
Perhaps one day I'll treat myself!

Namaste, Callah


Eco Yogini said...

did you KNOW that Tony Stark (ahem, Iron Man) was TOTALLY drinking out of one of these in IronMan2?? that weird green crap he was drinking...

anyhoo lol- they are VERY cool. :)

♥ Callah said...

haha! The website actually advertises that (I havent seen it yet!) and when I was browsing at Sportchek, the sales guy mentioned it to me... and was shocked when I already knew :-P